About Robert Bensh

Robert has also worked around the world. Not only is he passionate about the work he has performed in the United States, but he takes pride in the partnerships he has forged in other regions including Australia, England and South America. Robert Bensh has the most significant experience in Ukraine. After spending time in Ukraine, Robert has developed an appreciation and unique understanding of the Ukrainian market.

Robert Bensh is an international energy executive with more than two decades of experience who lives in Houston, Texas. He has worked with top oil corporations to develop their businesses. He brings growth to these groups’ revenue and production. Throughout his career, he has built funds, capital, and acquisitions. Robert also has experience in merging businesses and ensuring that the reach their full potential.

Robert started his career when he studied History and Political Science at Arizona State University. He later returned to earn his Master of Arts Degree in Global Security. His academic experience doesn’t stop there. He also graduated from the University of Toronto within the Directors Education Program with the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Today Robert Bensh is recognized as an invaluable member of the global security industry as it relates to oil and gas needs worldwide. Many groups have asked for Bensh’s advice on the market, including a television station in the Ukraine.

For more about his thoughts on the industry, visit RobertBensh.net.